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We are looking for Objectivists who can put money to productive use to advance Ayn Rand's philosophy of reason, individualism, and capitalism. We offer financial support in the form of grants and loans to intellectual activists with imagination and persistence.

…there were men who took first steps down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision.

Ayn Rand

Prometheus Foundation

Prometheus Foundation (PF) is an independent, non-profit enterprise whose mission is to actively promote Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. To this end, PF seeks and funds proposals from individual Objectivists as well as from for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Prometheus Foundation operates with two funds: The Objectivist Venture Fund (OVF) and the New Intellectuals Fund (NIF). Carl Barney, a long-time advocate of Objectivist ideas, is the originator and sole funding source for Prometheus.

Objectivist Venture Fund was first announced at the Ayn Rand Institute’s 2014 Objectivist Summer Conference, and inaugurated shortly thereafter. OVF underwrites innovative projects whose aim is to spread Ayn Rand’s ideas with maximum impact.

New Intellectuals Fund makes grants from two funds: The Scholarship Fund and the Productiveness Fund. The Scholarship Fund supports talented, upcoming scholars who want to actively promote Objectivism as part of their career plans. The Productiveness Fund supports established Objectivist intellectuals who need money in order to spend more time on their important intellectual work - for example, writing a book or treatise.

Founder/Donor's Intent

Money is a great power because . . . it is a frozen form of productive energy. And, therefore, the spending of money is a grave responsibility.

Ayn Rand

Money is energy. It enables potential efforts to become actual efforts, potential successes to become actual successes, ideas to become reality. Money can make the difference between an individual or organization initiating its ideas and succeeding or not. It can enable a good venture underway to succeed when otherwise it may not. Capital in the right hands can be a massive advantage.

Carl B. Barney

One of the highest values to a man of reason and self-esteem is other human beings. Of any category in the universe, human beings are of greatest importance to him.

Ayn Rand

I want others to have the same life-changing benefits as I have had from studying Ayn Rand and the Objectivist philosophy.

Carl B. Barney

The Prometheus Foundation (PF), in essence, is a store of “productive energy.” It is money that the Founder/Donor accumulated during his working life and now wishes to use to help make the world a better place for people to flourish. The only substantive, enduring way to do this is by advancing rational philosophy and rational psychology. This means advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and any psychology that integrates with it; such psychology would integrate with Objectivism, with Ayn Rand’s theory of emotions, and her work on epistemology and psycho-epistemology. PF exists solely for this purpose.

Advancing Objectivism includes promoting Ayn Rand’s novels and nonfiction works, promoting Leonard Peikoff’s books and courses, creating courses on Objectivism, and creating organizations or undertaking projects that explicitly advance the philosophy.

Every day, in many small ways, Objectivism is slowly changing the world. It is a long game. This is why, through the Objectivist Venture Fund (OVF), we want to invest in infrastructure (rather than one-off programs) that will endure. As of March 2019, examples of worthy recipients include the Ayn Rand Center in Europe, ARC Israel, the Ayn Rand Centre UK and centers in other countries, the Balkan Objectivist Center, the John Galt School, and The Objective Standard.

In addition to supporting innovative ventures, PF places high priority on encouraging and nurturing intellectuals who are committed to advancing Objectivism. Thus, the New Intellectuals Fund (NIF) will provide scholarships to very bright, up-and-coming scholars (the Scholarships Program) as well as grants to boost productiveness of proven intellectuals and promoters of Ayn Rand and Objectivism (the Productiveness Program).

Those who serve on the Board or on the Awards Committee of PF should do so with the sole intention of carrying out the intent of the Founder/Donor. The PF funds are entrusted to you for this purpose. By agreeing to work with PF, you pledge to honor the intent for their uses as set forth here and in the accompanying Charter.

Thank you for your integrity in carrying out my intent.

Carl B. Barney, Founder/Donor

Our Focus

Prometheus Foundation seeks New Intellectuals with ideas, imagination and persistence, who can put funds to productive use to advance Objectivism and Ayn Rand. PF accepts applications under three main categories:

Intellectual Entrepreneurs: Under the Objectivist Venture Fund, we underwrite individuals and organizations with plans to positively impact the culture by promoting Ayn Rand’s ideas. In the past, successful OVF projects have included courses, book clubs, public meetings, books and other publications (including podcasts and videos) that increase awareness and improve understanding of Ayn Rand. Projects can either be for-profit or non-profit, and monetary awards can be in the form of grants or loans. Multi-year projects with long-lasting impact are most desirable.

OVF will generally not consider proposals that support artistic projects or promote a specific political campaign. Proposals should not duplicate activities of the Ayn Rand Institute, but may enhance or amplify such projects.

Scholarships: Under the Scholarships Program of the New Intellectuals Fund, serious Objectivists of all ages may apply for funds to finance their formal education. Applicants must demonstrate both the ability and intention to promote Objectivism, either as professional intellectuals or as well-educated professionals.

Productivity Enhancement: Under the Productiveness Program of the New Intellectuals Fund, we provide financial support to professional Objectivist intellectuals who need time to complete a course, write a book or finish some other worthwhile assignment. “Productivity funds” can be used to help with household chores, alleviate the need for part-time employment, and reduce financial stresses that might accompany the completion of deep intellectual work.

Examples of Funded Projects

Ayn Rand Center, Latin America

Proposal by Maria Marty

This proposal establishes an Ayn Rand Center for Latin America, headquartered in Buenos Aires. Activities will include website, conferences, courses, and translations of Objectivist work into Spanish.

Aristotelian Centre for Reason & Objectivism (ACRO)

Proposal by Liberty Forum of Greece

This will establish a forum to explore the relationship between Objectivism and Aristotelian thought with the goal of strengthening the voice of reason and freedom in Greece. ACRO will promote, educate and clarify the work of Ayn Rand to young people, academic and business circles, and politicized citizens.

The Undercurrent

Proposal by Margaret Malewski

This will support the resources required to significantly increase student involvement in activist, study and social clubs focused on Objectivism. The Undercurrent has developed a new strategy to more effectively engage students on selected campuses.

The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels Marketing Program

Proposal by Alex Epstein

This will support the marketing efforts for The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein, and drive three primary outcomes: (1) guaranteeing thousands of people are exposed to the book and a new perspective on fossil fuels, (2) generating support for the book outside of the industry and (3) raising the visibility of the book and its message.

Featured Project

The Great Connections Leap Year Program for high school graduates

The vision of the Great Connections Leap Year Program is to foster "the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." —Ayn Rand, For The New Intellectual.

Great Connections Leap Year is a nine month program that powerfully prepares students to find, choose and succeed in a career path for the future economy. The program prominently features works by Ayn Rand, along with other philosophers and writers, in a rigorous curriculum of self-discovery and self-improvement.

The Objectivist Venture Fund has proudly provided grant money to help kick-start this project.

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